Congrats Ben!

Congrats to Ben S for promotion to Blue Belt! Ben is a true family man...meaning his entire family trains the 'gentle art!' Well done!!

Black Belt upgrades

Congratulations to Missy & Danny for receiving the first degree on their Black belts, this evening from Takeyoshi. Well deserved!

New Foundry Brown Belt!

Congratulations to long-time student Aaron & his promotion to Brown Belt. Huge accomplishment! Aaron has been training for over seven years and has been a model of consistency and hard work!

2017 World Championships

Congratulations to our 2017 Worlds competitors Ty, Kirk & Fabio. We are all very proud of the hard work that these athletes have put into their training to reach this level. Kirk won his first round match by 20 points before grinding out a hard fought victory in his second match. Kirk lost a razor close decision in the third round to an AOJ opponent. Excellent performance by Kirkinho. Fabio won his first round match by submission. During his second round match, Fabio had a submission on the out of bounds marker and was restarted in the center incorrectly. Fabio has had 100% success with that submission and it was unlikely that his opponent would have escaped. This ended up costing Fabi

Next Foundry Clinic!

Every few months we like to offer a clinic taught by one of our instructors. This is another excellent opportunity to sharpen your game. ALL students are welcome to attend. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your takedowns! If you have done standup with Kevin you have most likely been launched with slick foot sweeps. Kevin is going to share the details of this efficient yet often overlooked area in the takedown game. **Students MUST pre-register. No day of registration.

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